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Alaska Range Parka Shell

Alaska Range Parka Shell

Product #: 999.666.333

Called the Alaska Range Parka for it's extensive use in The Last Frontier. The parka is available in a variety of colors and fabrics. Military digital camo which is Taslite fabric, Multicam cotton/poly fabric; Supplex in black, navy, and olive green; and now available, Ventile cloth.

Ventile cloth is 100 percent cotton and the closest fabric ever made that is truly waterproof and vapor permeable. If you go to the Ventile web site www.ventile.co.uk you can learn all about it. Essentially it is made from the longest staple cotton fiber grown and when it gets wet it swells to make it waterproof. It is also incredibly soft and ply-able. The color selection of the Ventile cloth garments will be bordeaux, and antique bronze.

Each parka will come with a detachable hood.

The outer layer of the Alaska Range Parka is only a shell. There are three different insulating layers that can be zippered into the parka depending upon the weather conditions you will be using the parka for. They are the L-3 layer for temperatures as low as +20 degrees F, the L-6 layer for temperatures as low as -10 degrees F, and the L-12 layer for arctic use. The shell fabric used for the zip in liner is Supplex so it can be worn as a parka without the shell.

All of these parkas are made with fabrics that are not coated so they are all vapor permeable. As I have written the Lamilite is completely unaffected by moisture, therefore it is always better to wear garments that will always allow the perspiration that your body produces to have a way of getting not only away from your skin surface but also out of the garment you are wearing.

Our Price: $400.00


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