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The MultiCam pattern is really the best all around camo pattern you can find. Used soley on our garments, for concealment this pattern is far and above those we have used in the past... The following is from the MultiCam website (www.multicampattern.com)

The Basics
MultiCam© is a single camouflage pattern designed to help the wearer hide in varied environments, seasons, elevations, and light conditions. It was designed to address the real-world need for concealment in different environments, with one basic kit of gear. While there are many great location-specific patterns. MultiCam© is designed to work well across a very broad range of environmental conditions when observed in both the visual and near Infra Red (night vision) spectrums.
How it works
The pattern is designed to reflect some of the surrounding colors of the environment. It takes on an overall green appearance when under a green forest canopy and an overall tan look when in the open desert. By adapting to varying local lighting conditions, the pattern blends well in many environments, elevations, seasons, weather conditions, and times of the day.
The design takes advantage of the way the human eye/brain perceives shape, volume and color. Since only a very small portion of the human eye perceives color, the brain does a lot of filling-in for the eye. MultiCam's® unique design takes advantage of this principle and helps the observer to see the pattern as part of the background. This helps the wearer's profile begin to loose its edge and fade into whatever color or shape surrounds him. It works on the principle that an observer can see something but still not recognize it as anything to be interested in.
The scale and contrast of the pattern elements are designed to work well when observed from both distant and close ranges. We all know the idea is to break-up or disguise the human form, but without a ghillie suit or a rock to get behind, this is typically done with heavy contrast between large elements of a pattern. However, high contrast, large element patterns stop working in open terrain (e.g. "chocolate chip" in open desert.) They also tend to stop working as the observer gets closer to the camouflage, since the large pattern elements end up being out of scale with the highly detailed surroundings of the observer. MultiCam® relies more on a blending effect than a contrast effect to disguise the wearer. This effect allows it to perform in a wide range of environments, and keeps the pattern effective even at close distances where pixilated or blocky patterns often stand out against natural (non-blocky) environments.

Military Patterns Past and Present:
Supplex Nylon:
Supplex has a very close look, feel and durability to cotton, though these are where the similarities halt.
* Supplex manages moister much more efficiently than cotton, drying in less time and absorbing less moisture to begin with.
* Because of the weave of the yarns, Supplex has a high water and wind shedding capability. Bringing you close to the proof material line without stepping over it.
* The abrasion and tear resistance is as high as it is with cotton, however you will not find strings and threads fraying if that barbed wire fence gets the better of you.
* Supplex is light and an added bonus, the color stays with the garment for much longer than many other materials, even thru multiple launderings.

Urethane Coated Nylon:
Urethane coating is a waterproof film adheared to the nylon at the mill. It IS NOT the type of material that you may have experienced "peeling" in the past. Urethane is 100% water proof which will keep moisture (either side) from passing thru. The products such as our shelters and clothing that we use the urethane material on have been seam taped for 100% waterproofness...

Depending on items, certain patterns may not be available, please feel free to call with any questions. 1-866-411-6465 or e-mail us at wiggys@wiggys.com

More is coming soon!!!

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